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TNA Expansion Donation

Help The New American grow with your support!

For $300+, we will send you with our thanks and gratitude either a DVD or USB thumb drive containing the many essential interviews we have conducted with leading doctors and scientists about the real nature of the pandemic. (For larger donations, see specifics in product description at bottom of page.)
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Thank you for helping The New American expand our reach in our efforts to save this great Republic.

For donating at least $1,000, we will send you both the DVD or USB and the forthcoming book that explores the plans the regime may have in store for us for the future. The book will explore the background of these plans and will lay out their implications in great and disturbing detail.

 For your generous donation of $2,500 or more, we will also give you a copy of the upcoming collector’s issue of The New American on “Trumpworld.” This unique issue will be quality bound, of additional length, filled with top-notch photography, and will feature essays and analysis by famed researcher William F. Jasper and expert journalist Alex Newman, among others.

 In addition to this unique collector’s issue, if you donate at least $5,000 we will also give you a copy of the book, In Cold Blood, by Abdul Shams. Coming back into print for the first time in many years, this book is the first-hand account of the Communist conquest of Afghanistan by the Soviet Union in the 1980s — a topic of renewed and immediate relevance in light of the Biden Administration’s disastrous and shameful handling of the withdrawal of our own forces from that nation.

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