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U.N. Me


by Ami Horowitz

In a film that exposes the incompetence and corruption at the heart of the United Nations, filmmaker Ami Horowitz takes us on a harrowing, yet often hilarious, trip through the farcical world of the United Nations.

****An interview/review was done by Kelly Taylor Holt of Ami Horowitz and his DVD “U.N. Me” in the 10/22/12 issue of TNA.

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Horowitz exposes how an organization created to ennoble mankind actually enables chaos and global discord. As disturbing as the picture painted by U.N. Me may be, Horowitz manages to keep us laughing throughout the film. And just when you’re left shaking your head at one outrage or another exposed in “U.N. Me,” Horowitz reliably enters with comic relief. (2012, DVD, 93min)

We at The John Birch Society believe that this movie is beneficial for viewing by large numbers of people because it is so effective in revealing some of the appalling problems within the UN. However, we strongly disagree with the movie’s implicit premise that the UN was founded on noble ideals and that it should be reformed. In contrast, we have maintained for 50 years that the UN was created by global power elites as their main vehicle for establishing, step by step, a socialistic global government controlled by themselves. We believe that the only solution to the widespread problems with the UN is to “Get US Out of the United Nations.”

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