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In Cold Blood: The Communist Conquest of Afghanistan


by Abdul Halim Shams

Although written in the 1980s Abdul’s account is first-hand… he served in Afghan governments but he was also a prisoner of some of them, and saw torture first-hand. This book includes black and white photographs. Unique collector’s edition with new Publisher’s foreword.

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This book, written by the former official in the various Afghan governments, Abjul Halim Shams, provides the reader with a short history of Afghanistan leading up to the Soviet invasion. Afghanistan, wracked by communist-inspired turmoil, soon found itself occupied by a cruel and ruthless enemy who sought to destroy the culture and religion of the country. Abdul documents the economic measures meant to tie Afghanistan even closer to the USSR, the theft of its natural resources and the use of the KHAD, the Red Afghan secret police. (2021ed, pb, 128pp)

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