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The New World of OBAMACARE reprint


Most Americans know the broad strokes of the new healthcare legislation dubbed ObamaCare, but scratching the surface of the law reveals large-scale unstated changes.

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24 page four-color reprint adapted from three articles: “The New World of ObamaCare” by Michael Tennant from 8/16/10 pgs. 10-16; “Outcome of ObamaCare” by Thomas R. Eddlem from 5/10/10 pgs. 10-15; “Charting the Murky Waters of ObamaCare” (new) by Michael Tennant, “Repealing ObamaCare” by William Jasper from 8/16/10 pgs. 17-19; & “No Compromise on Compromise” from 8/16/10 pg. 44 by Kurt Williamsen. (24pp, 2010)

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