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End Game


by Dennis Behreandt

Former Congressman and Presidential candidate Ron Paul says: “End Game makes a compelling, fact-based case that the COVID lockdowns and mandates set the stage for what either will be a Great Reset that will use modern technology to complete our slide into totalitarianism or a (peaceful) revolt against our ruling class that will lead to a Great Restoration of our Constitutional Republic. This book should be read and shared by all who care about liberty.”

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End Game is an examination of the terrifying ideas of the Dark State’s internationalist-elite oligarchs and the disquieting technological trends that, combined, threaten the fabric of our reality and the very future of mankind. Examining the history of population control, eugenics and genocide and the ideas that motivated these crimes against humanity, End Game provides the deep and dark context that lies behind the policies implemented worldwide as part of the Covid pandemic response and that underly the potential use of emerging technologies including artificial intelligence, nanotechnology and life extension. (2022ed, pb, 346pp)

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