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The Constitution Is The Solution Lecture Series DVD set w/Manual & Lecture guide CD + Lecture Materials Packet


by JBS

The 6-DVD Constitution lecture set comes with a CD that includes an instruction manual and lecture guides with talking points and study questions (with answers) for personal study or to help you lead a successful workshop series.


1) The Dangers of Democracy – 41min

2) Enumerated vs. Unlimited Power – 53min

3) Constitutional Economics, Constitutional Money – 60min

4) Constitutional War Powers and the Enemy Within – 67min

5) Exposing the Enemies of Freedom – 64min

6) Restoring the Constitution – 54min

**Includes CD with Manual and Lecture Guides plus Lecture Materials Packet

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Most Americans are not taught what’s in the Constitution, nor are they aware of its limitations on government that have helped make America great. With this lecture series from The John Birch Society, you can help teach this and lead concerned Americans into activism. (2019ed, 339 total minutes, 6-DVD set, includes Manual & Lecture Guide CD, Lecture Materials Packet)

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