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The Constitution Is The Solution Lecture Series DVD set w/printed Manual & Lecture Guides + Lecture Materials Packet


by JBS

The 6-DVD Constitution lecture set comes with a printed instruction manual and lecture guides with talking points and study questions (with answers) for personal study or to help you lead a successful workshop series.


  1. The Dangers of Democracy – 41min
  2. Enumerated vs. Unlimited Power – 53min
  3. Constitutional Economics, Constitutional Money – 60min
  4. Constitutional War Powers and the Enemy Within – 67min
  5. Exposing the Enemies of Freedom – 64min
  6. Restoring the Constitution – 54min

**Includes 6 DVD’s, printed Manual & Lecture Guides, Lecture Materials Packet

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Most Americans are not taught what’s in the Constitution, nor are they aware of its limitations on government that have helped make America great. With a new lecture series from The John Birch Society, you can help teach this and lead concerned Americans into activism. (2019ed, 339 total minutes, 6-DVD set, includes Manual & Lecture Guide CD, Lecture Materials Packet)

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